Build A 2WD Electric FatBike 1000W - 6 Seats - 40km/h - Long Electric Bike

6 Apr 2021
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How to make a Two Wheel Drive ( 2WD ) Electric Fat Bike 1000W - 6 Seats - 40km/h - Long Electric Bike.
I Am Using:
- 2 x Fat Wheel 48V 500W Motor hub for Electric bike
- 2 x 48V 800W brushless controller
- 48v 25Ah Battery
- Electric Bike Throttle Speed Controller
- 2 x Motorcycle Shock absorber
- 2 x Brake Disc For Bike
- 6 x Bicycle Saddle, 6 x Bike handlebar
- 1 x Pair of Bicycle Brake lever
- 2 x L4x Led Light
- 2 x 12v Motorcycle Horn
- Steel pipe 40x80mm, 40x40mm.....
Thanks for watching, Have a great day !

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