Jet Powered Go Kart

10 Mar 2021
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Ever wonder what will happen if you strap a large RC jet engine to a go-kart! in this video I do exactly that and the results were nothing short of spectacular!
here's a link to the Insta360 GO 2:
I had this idea for a really long time I'll ago but I was originally going to use a homemade turbojet that I was going to build, however, the weight of this, the sheer size held me back from building it, also it didn't look really pretty.
I tried to keep it very compact, light and extremely simple, I think I succeeded.
as for performance it was pretty insane the acceleration from 0 to 20 was kind of slow but as soon as you had 20 miles per hour it's a constant push once you hit 40 the push feels four times as strong and it starts getting scary really fast.
I'm totally going to set this up on a nice smooth stretch of road soon to see what kind of top speed I can hit, or at least see how it feels at higher speeds.
00:00 Intro
01:21 Build
04:16 Go Kart Finished
04:49 Proving Grounds
07:05 Starting Jet Kart
09:08 Driving Jet Kart
13:36 My Favorite Part
14:40 My 2nd Favorite Part
15:06 Follow-Up

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Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !
Carbon 12
Produced By: Carbon 12
Directed By: Matt Mikka

  • *Getting DM's about the Tiny camera, so here's a link: Insta360 GO 2 camera*

    Warped PerceptionWarped PerceptionBulan Yang lalu
    • Holy cow $300 for the camera they are out of their mind good one with that jet engine but they can keep that camera

      enoekim 1enoekim 15 hari yang lalu
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      surin loicsurin loic5 hari yang lalu
    • Mm@Daniel Private

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    • @Braca Ganon pas

      surin loicsurin loic5 hari yang lalu
    • @Warped Perception pas à me faire un tour

      surin loicsurin loic5 hari yang lalu
  • How much does the engine itself cost?

    JCFIT85 CJCFIT85 C4 jam yang lalu
    • $4k

      Warped PerceptionWarped Perception4 jam yang lalu
  • wow ! your canon is very strong 📢 💥

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  • I feel that I can fly😀

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  • jets aren't about torque they are about speed! that thing if you let it go it will reach high speed.

    Amir GasmiAmir GasmiHari Yang lalu
  • love you crazy man

    One nation SLOne nation SLHari Yang lalu
  • Now make it fly!

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  • Bat Mobile go-kart concept. Another one of my bucket-list P.O.C. bullets checked off -TY! Now, time for the twin turbine build (another one of my bucket-list P.O.C. items).

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  • A little ridiculous, but I'm glad somebody attempted it. Yuegot Balez

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  • It's looking like something is coming with aeroplane speed but looks a bull cart is going😂

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  • Man I wish I had this guys skills I mean u could literally move anywhere in the world and make good money and live a good happy life if ya had half the skills this man does...!!!

    Evan SerranoEvan SerranoHari Yang lalu
    • Cuz rn now I fuckin hate my life shit fuckin sucks and feel like there's nothin to live 4 anymore out here...! Really ready 2 just say fuck it and stop trying...!!!

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  • Sickest thing I've seen in awhile and YOU built it. DAMN! I bet you were on Cloud 9 the first time you started it up and drove it. Kudos!

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    killerjaw24killerjaw24Hari Yang lalu
  • Nice

  • Soooo, as you talk about the top speed the camera jigs out...and you don’t mention your speed??

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  • watching that being built was incredible

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  • AWESOME! you built EXACTLY what I've been wanting to build, but I wasn't sure if the 67 lbs of thrust would be enough. You tested/validated all my design questions. Thank you! You might want to try foam in the fuel tank to suppress the fuel sloshing (and maybe a bigger tank) :D Excellent build man, you're living my dream!

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  • Invest the engine a tad you will get more push

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  • Hey man!!!! You inspire me! Congratulations, excellent engineering work! Thanks for sharing your inventions!

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  • Coooool... See if you can get a crashed y2k turbine bike. We got a turbine two seater off road death buggy. But freakn cool jet kart..☃️

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  • Brilliant man....weren't you afraid of falling in that freezing cold ? I kept stiffening myself every time you were losing the back end. Great job bro...

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  • It feels so misleading! lol My mind is expecting to see the vehicle lift off as the engine gets more intense, and while looking through your helmet cam, it sounds like you should be flying but you never leave the ground! lol Very cool video, man!

    supercellonovasupercellonova3 hari yang lalu
  • Hey i m from INDIA and i m in INdian defence service.. But before that i was pursuing engineer and i wanted to make jet engine to install in bike... I need ur mail id.. And also ur contact no.. So we can talk about

  • Looks like your front tires go flat like mine I put slime in all of my tires and they've never lost any air sense

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  • I don't think I've ever seen a jet powered go cart before that's pretty neat but it took off slow huh sorry about that and the mileage was lousy too bad. But still pretty neat.

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  • OK no other way to say it, this is just cool as shit. (Former RC model guy, the JetCats were always cool to us piston guys)

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